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The Tenant has no right to remain on the premises once the lease initially specified in this agreement has expired, except with agreement of the Owner.

No modification (erasure, addition) to this agreement wil be accepted, un less by agreement between the two Parties. The Owner undertakes not to divulge in any form whatever any information the Tenant may have provided during the period of the rental. This last point is not applicable if the request for information comes from the administrative authorities or the courts.

Use of premises

The Tenant will occupy the premises without causing disturbance and for their intended purpose.

All the items listed in the inventory must be returned to the places they occupied when the Tenant arrived. Any repairs required because of negligence or poor maintenance during the lease will be charged to the Tenant.

The premises may not be used by other persons, except by prior agreement with the Landlord. The Tenant is not allowed to sub-let under any circumstances, even for no payment, and the agreement will be cancelled if this occurs. The fullamount of the rental will then be retained by or due to the Landlord.

The premises are rented for the purpose of temporary or holiday accommodation to the exclusion of any professional, commercial or craft activity of any type, or as complementary or occasional accommodation (up to three months).

The number of Tenants do not have to exceed the maximum accommodation capacity specified in the catalogue or the description. Holidaysinfuerte has the right to cancel a reservation if the number of Tenant is exeeding the maximum capacity of the accommodation, on the same rules of the cancellations paragraph.

No tents may be pitched or caravans parked in the grounds of the rented premises without the prior agreement of the Landlord.

Payment & Booking

Some of our accommodation adapt their prices by the number of guests  during the stay. This is indicated on the description of the property to rent.

Any reservation is confirmed from the reception of the payment. Holidaysinfuerte will send a confirmation e-mail with a reservation contract.

Holidaysinfuerte allows two types of payment:

  • The Tenant can pay online on, with instant booking. To do so, the payment will be with credit card. The payment is secured by STRIPE system (
  • The Tenant can do the payment by bank transfer. In that case, the Tenant has to send an email to holidaysinfuerte, with the name of the accommodation, the days to book, and ask for the IBAN of holidaysinfuerte’s bank details. The  reservation will be  confirmed when holidaysinfuerte will received the confirmation of the bank transfer sended by the Tenant.


Cancellation by the Tenant

If the cancellation is received more than one month before arrival (30 days), the Landlord shall return within thirty days the whole of the advance payment made by the Tenant;

If the cancellation is received less than one month before arrival, the Landlord shall retain the whole of the advance payment made by the Tenant.

If the Tenant does not appear on the day specified in the agreement or within twenty-four hours and does not inform the Landlord:

  • this agreement is considered to be cancelled.
  • the advance payment is retained by the Landlord.
  • the Landlord may dispose of the accommodation otherwise.

Cancellation by the Landlord

Before the Tenant arrival, the Landlord have 48 hours to cancel a reservation made, from the moment of the reservation by the Tenant.

If the cancellation is made by the Landlord, Holidaysinfuerte will have the obligation to find a solution to the Tenant. Holidaysinfuerte will find a equivalent to the accommodation, and advise the Tenant of the change, and if the new accommodation as a higher price, the Landlord will pay the difference for the stay. In case of the Tenant do not want to change, and do prefer a cancellation without fees, the Landlord will refund the whole of the advance payment.

Security deposit

Each Property on as a security deposit. The amount depend on the accommodation, describe on the page of the property.

The Landlord may immediately cash the security deposit.

The security deposit will be return at the departure of the Tenant.

Deductions can be made on the security deposit in case of damage, loss or unsual cleaning. Any deductions made must be duly justified by the Landlord on the basis of such evidence as the final inventory, process server’s affidavit,estimates, and invoices.If the deposit is insufficient, the Tenant undertakes to make up the sum after the final inspection.The deposit may not be taken as part payment of the rental.

Cleaning Fees

Accommodations always includes cleaning service. At the arrival, the Tenant will find a clean poperty. We take care of the cleaning at the departure of the Tenant. If the accommodation has cleaning fees, those are mandatory. If the accommodation does not have cleaning fees, they are included in the price.

What’s included in cleaning?

  • At the arrival of the Tenant, the propertie will be clean, The Tenant will also find, towels and sheets for the beds for every guests.
  • At the departure, we take care of the cleaning of the house, and also cleaning of the towels, and sheets of the beds.
  •  Should there be something unsual for the cleaning at the departure of the Tenant, we have the right to charge extra cleaning fees, with security deposit.